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Mark’s Advent Book is Now Available!

Just One Word takes you through the 24 days leading up to Christmas with devotions based on a single word from scripture that will enliven your steps as you make the Advent trek to the Manger.

“A Personal Word” follows each devotional with a story from the author’s life, written in Mark’s trademark performing and preaching style of wit, wisdom and personal transparency about life’s lessons. “Reflecting on the Word” poses questions related to the devotional-perfect for individual or group study.

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"Mark has done a great job of not only creating engaging, well-written, theologically sound devotions, but also including a personal perspective on each one. You feel as if you’re not reading a dry devotion, but portions of a journal from someone who has experienced the very thing that he is writing about."

~Clay Ginn, Discipleship Pastor in McKinney, TX

"Mark never wastes a paragraph without teaching you rich biblical truths based on study, research and even wisdom from his often hilarious, always mesmerizing, personal anecdotes. Just One Word blessed me."

~Carolyn Curtis, Award-Winning Author, Editor & Speaker in Ft Worth, TX

"In a style that is at once biblically and theologically deep and simultaneously spiritually clear and well-spoken, Mark invites us on a journey of hope, joy and peace. As a part of that journey, he offers a deeply personal word and the opportunity to reflect on what God might be saying to us through the pages of Just One Word."

~Mike Lowry, Resident Bishop of the Central Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church